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Thanks for your interest in purchasing a Multi-Event (Early-Bird*) at EUR 330+VAT** for the following event:

"Foodpreneurs Collective - Pitch Lounge" + one of our Online Demo Days in 2024

The next event in this series is as follows (Thursday, 6-8 PM UK time - UTC+1):


  • 6th June


Upcoming date for a "Demo Day Event" is as follows (Thursday | 6-8.30 PM UTC+1):


  • Food & Beverage - Pitch Lounge (27th June)


*Generally, you must reply to our onboarding email confirming your selected pitch date at least 1-week before the pitch event date you want - we will be in contact periodically to update you about the respective F&B segment themes and availability of slots. 

**If applicable (if from a non-VAT/differing VAT-level applicable country, our website will recalculate/delete VAT at checkout) - please email if any questions/problems

(Early-bird) Multi-Event Slot, Foodpreneurs Collective - Pitch Lounge

330,00 €Price
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