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Female Founders

Since June 2020, Jamal Maxey and Richa Cibbar have run

6+ pitch events exclusively hosting female founders to pitch.

Our events match female founders to industry-specific advisors and investors, and provide real-time feedback in addition to our team promoting startups to our relevant investor networks.

We have hosted 18 female founders at our exclusive events and a further 87 women entrepreneurs from pre-seed to Series A at events on sector verticals open to both male and female founders.

Our female founder events have evolved in scope - from a focus on Women in EdTech to Female Founder, and moving under the "Pitch Lounge" umbrella brand.


The format of our events is undergoing minor changes.


More news to follow...

Female Speaker
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Attended one of our Female Founder events?

Please email us with your feedback to

Register to pitch at our events (for exposure, feedback, and connection to funding)

Observe a start-up pitch event (for inspiration, learning, and networking).

Encourage, mentor and provide feedback to founders on our live events 

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We welcome sponsorships (from investment companies and industry partners) 

We Produce Engaging Female Founder Pitch Events

Female Founder Community

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Female Founder Pitch Lounge Team

Our Female Founder Pitch Events Team came together between June 2020 and March 2023,

and is still growing - we have collectively run 6 Female Founder pitch and panel events over this time period.

"I love how these events are different from others and make me feel empowered & energised. The community is super supportive and helps you along your journey." 
"These events for startups are unique - offering a friendly & supportive environment and a community of valuable new investor contacts and ambassadors for your brand."
“Thanks for organising such insightful pitch events - the feedback from the panel has gotten me hooked on your events!"

Advisor Panelists - Female Founder Pitch Events

Warm Referrals

Our events are largely open to everyone, and we operate with an open chat and sometimes post-event breakout room networking. We also share the attendance register with our main event partners - and this includes you the pitching founders!

Require support with event follow-ups, B2B partnerships & sales, or want help with warm referrals to our past advisor panelists listed above?

Please email

Startup Alumni - Female Founder Pitch Events

Helping many Female Founder startups on their fundraising journey...

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Hosting and promoting innovative Female Founder startups of all types... 




Business Modelling Tech



Apply to Pitch - Female Founder Pitch Events

If you meet the following criteria:


Female Founder CEO or another C-level Executive in a leadership role at your startup who is happy to present 50%+ of your investor pitch presentation


Preparing to raise investment OR currently in an active investment round

We attract the best female founder funds and other investment and financial companies to our events...

Fundraising Campaigns

Our team and partners are experienced in fundraising for startups and other organizations - investments, grants, and business loans.

The key to fundraising success is a clear fundraising campaign. When marketing and fundraising work in sync your campaign efforts are more effective. While we have a 25k investor database to promote our pitch events and fundraising campaign clients, we work with you to determine which of these investors you want to target and whether you match their investment criteria. We are constantly curating and adding new investors to our pool of investors.

We will review your current investment deck where necessary and in response to new insights and validating your data points. This will provide you with a stronger deck outlining your ‘positioning’ in the fundraising market.

Following that, we will map out the communications needed to drive enquiries and investor leads. We would also internally hold weekly fundraising meetings to track our progress and results, and check the fundraising campaign content and discuss other marketing requirements.

Our fundraising campaigns run for a minimum of 8 weeks.

We prefer to work with our pitching startups - although not exclusively the case -

because our pitch application process, event preparation, and investor panelist and audience responses form part of due diligence.

Email and enquire about securing a fundraising campaign spot! 

Check out our other event themes...

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Since August 2020, we have run 30+ pitch events in the F&B sector hosting 100+ F&B startups from pre-seed to Series A across AgTech, FoodScience, Delivery, and Retail sectors.

We match F&B startups to industry-specific advisors and investors.

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