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Online Feedback Event - Bronze Sponsor Package

500,00 €Price
  • ⭐ Refunds are not available on this product.


    ⭐ The 1-month social media package component of the Bronze Sponsorship Package default runs during the scheduled event. However, if you register for a Bronze Sponsorship Package before the default start date your social media package automatically starts as soon as we receive the required marketing and branding collaterals from your company (and your social media package benefits from a bonus period of days). The 1-month period can be adjusted to start after the purchase of that event t to take account for any Bronze Sponsorship Package registrants who register after this date and will run until the end of your respective 1-month period has elapsed.


    ⭐ This pitch event Bronze Sponsorship Package grants you access to the Startup Investor Pitch Event, but not the speaker sessions at the event. 


    ⭐ If you have only purchased tickets from Pitch Lounge, please liaise first and foremost with the pitch event team directly with questions regarding the limits of your accreditation.


    ⭐ All tickets include taxes and fees, and will be issued with a business receipt/invoice.

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